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Our Story

We came to fjords after two years of casually looking for a first pony for our then three year old son.  I am the classic re-rider--I was a horse-crazy kid who rode, trained, and showed horses from grade-school through my 20's.  I had my first child at 27 and promptly sold my 16.3hh OTTB dressage horse and expected to never have horses again. When Matt and I married, I moved to his property with a beautiful 2 acre pasture and I started dreaming of horses again.  Matt was intrigued by horses but knew nothing about them initially.  He set the parameters that led us to fjords:  small enough for Charlie to ride, driving would be fun, quiet and calm, tall horses seem intimidating, those fjords look cool!   I added to our list:  big enough for us adults to ride, able to be competitive in dressage, safe for the toddler and teens to ride and be around.  We were already breeding heritage sheep and pigs and the rarity of fjords fit right into our ideals.  Sight unseen, we added Isabella to our lives in 2014 and have never looked back.  We've owned eleven fjords since--each unique individuals--but all lovely equine citizens, all calm and quiet, and all safe for our family to be around! 

                                      --Stacy and Matt


Our Breeding Program

The selective breeding for the Norwegian Fjord Horse has resulted in a horse with fairly consistent qualities.  Versatile, calm, larger frames and smaller height, willing attitude, and an intelligent, curious nature.  We expect these traits in all of our fjord horses.   Our horses are family-friendly, easy to handle and train, calm, intelligent and safe. Additionally, we seek individuals with athleticism and good movement as high priorities for our breeding program.  Our mares are all high quality with correct conformation and proven bloodlines.    We sought to add OFI Thorsten as our breeding stallion because of what he offers to our mares.  His parents are both very tall for fjords; they are athletic and proven under saddle as very rideable horses.  Thorsten has naturally floaty movement and is developing plenty of bone while still remaining light and supple.  In a small gene pool, it can be a challenge to find pairings of mare and stallion with enough genetic diversity. Thorsten offers a unique pedigree that makes him compatible with most mares in the US and Canada. 


Fjord Horses for sale

We breed and train to produce a marketable, sought-after Norwegian Fjord Horse that is athletic, rideable, versatile and trainable.  Please visit our sales pages to see what we have available.