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We don't have any fjords available at the moment. 2020 foals by TUF Anja, OFI Tordis, and Ale Maribel can be reserved for pending purchase. Contact us for details.

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Rock River Bjorn



SOLD in 2019 to Washington.  

Born 6/21/2018 gelding by TUF Anja X OFI Thorsten.  This boy is our dream cross!  Teddy is Mr. Personality.   NFHR Registration #: 18-7469-S  Microchipped

“Teddy” is a gorgeous colt.  He has a lovely head, a well-set neck, and forward, uphill movement.  Teddy should mature to a medium+type build with athleticism and train-ability.  Excellent prospect for dressage, CDE, working equitation, or extreme trail.  

Teddy is an in-your-pocket personality who whinnies at my arrival and is always seeking  affection.  He has a  naturally very curious personality.  Gelded 11/8/18 and weaned 11/18/18.  Teddy lives in a mixed heard of mares, broodmares, and a stallion and is well socialized to other horses.  Both parents are 14.1 (sire is 14.1+ and growing at 3 years).   His sire, OFI Thorsten, is by Norwegian imported semen (he is the ONLY son of Torsetblakken in North America!) and with Teddy you get bloodlines that are a mix of older established lines and unique imported lines.  All grandparents are blue-evaluated except Torsetblakken who is licensed in Norway. Teddy will continue with age-appropriate health care and training experiences until he leaves my farm. 

DAM: TUF Anja by Rokida’s Haakon (14.3hh, S4, 83.75 eval) out of TUF Reba (S1, G1, 80.5 eval) by Anvil’s Torbjorn 

SIRE:  OFI Thorsten by Torsetblakken (15hh) out of Thilde by Plutonikk (14.2hh, 1kl, S4, 82.5 eval )

Rock River Clementine



Sold at 9 days old to Tennessee!

Born 4/8/19 filly by OFI Tordis X OFI Thorsten.  

This girl has moves.  She is the most physical foal I have ever seen-off any breed!  She races around at top speed, lapping her mother.  She jumps stuff in the arena and pasture, she throws correct and regular lead changes, and she is a gorgeous mover.

This will be a super sporty fjord.  I would like to see her future as part of a breeding program.  Bloodlines include Torsten, Torsetblakken, Tico, Flotren, Pluto!  Age appropriate training experiences and health care until she leaves my farm.  Weaning expected at 4-6 months based on mom and filly's needs.  Should mature to 14hh+.

DAM: OFI Tordis (eval 79 at 3 years) by Tico (S3, 82 eval) out of OH Braelyn ( by Flotren ( S2 G4,eval 84.75)

SIRE:  OFI Thorsten by Torsetblakken (15hh) out of Thilde by Plutonikk (14.2hh, 1kl, S4, 82.5 eval )

Rock River Bergthor


 Sold to Oregon in 2018

Fergy!  Born 7/11/2018 by Zoey of Narnia X OFI Thorsten.  Zoey is a blue-evaluated mare!  This boy has moves!  He is showing a fantastic uphill canter, a gorgeous head, and an impressive hip!  He is an athletic, correct colt.   

Berggy will be available upon weaning December, 2018.   Gelded.    

Dungannon's Mari


Sold in 2018!  Pregnant mare!

 2-for-1 package!  Mari is in foal to OFI Thorsten!!  Due July 9, 2019! Dungannon's Mari is a 1999 Canadian-bred mare.  She rides and drives and completed a 30-day refresher in June with my dressage trainer. Mari was extremely easy to breed--taking in the first heat and very receptive to my stallion. Mari would be an excellent addition to a breeding program or someone looking to raise a fjord foal with a rideable, easy-going mare.  She is excellent with kids and would make a great beginners lesson pony.  She is 13.3hh with a big hip and a full-barrel. She takes up a lot of leg--aside from being close to the ground, this mare does not feel small at all (rider in photos is 5'9").  She is not mareish and is easy to be around.  Mari has a very smooth trot--easy to sit both at a jog and at a forward trot.  She has a nice pedigree that includes Gromar and Rudaren.   

Zoey of Narnia



Sold in 2018!  Zoey is the fjord horse everyone wants.  She rides, she drives single and double, she does draft.  She's evaluated blue (80!).  She is 14hh, has a beautiful topline, and is a mellow, kind mare.  Zoey is on her third career:  she started with the Pace's at Fjordbergen Farm where she participated in building a log cabin in the Okanagan wilderness in addition to riding, driving, and making a beautiful baby.   Zoey then moved on to a theraputic riding career at Little Bit.  Zoey was put in the hippotherapy program because of her super smooth gaits.  Zoey is now primarily a broodmare and she is my go-to horse for new riders, friends, and kids.  Zoey is smart, sure-footed, and forward.  

Zoey's pedigee includes Ronaldo, Rei Halsnaes. and Myrstein.  She has a lot of Dutch and Norwegian breed horses in her lineage.  Zoey was imported from Canada. 

Rock River Iljas


SOLD in 2016  A 2016 Stud Colt Isabella x OFI Siljar

Iljas was exported to Canada as a weanling to Rachael Mayo.  He is a herd sire prospect for her fjord mares on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Ale Maribel


SOLD in 2017  Ale Maribel was bred to OFI Thorsten and sold in foal to Ivy Bryan of Gold Bar, WA..  Ivy started her under saddle and she has joined her lesson program where she is a wonderful representative of the fjord breed.  Maribel had a colt in April, 2018 and we like the cross so much she will be bred back to Thorsten in 2020 for a Rock River foal.

TRR Kristina


SOLD in 2015  TRR Kristina (Fifi) was sold to Jennifer Steward, DVM in California and renamed Aurora Borealis.  She became a hunter-jumper and tackled 3 1/2' courses with Dr. Stewart's twin daughters.