Registered Katahdin Hair Sheep


We run a small herd of registered katahdin hair sheep.  4 ewes and 1 ram produce a few sheep to sell to other breeders and meat producers as well as fill freezers for us and our customers.

Why hair sheep?

Hair sheep are the perfect sheep for our table.  Lanolin, the oil produced with sheep wool, also contributes to the "gamey" or "muttony" taste in sheep.  Hair sheep do not produce wool -- they produce hair and shed annually -- and without wool they are also without lanolin.  This means that the meat of a hair sheep isn't gamey but tastes more like a very nice, grass-fed piece of beef.  The meat is very low in fat, tender, and delicious!

Lamb on the hoof

Please contact us if you are interested in getting on our wait list for lamb for your farm or freezer.  Sheep is sold at live at around 7 months of age and is ready for you to process or raise.  We process at Kelso Meats in Snohomish or Silvana Meats in Silvana and can't help coordinate processing.

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Lucy our Livestock Guardian Dog

Lucy is a three year old Anatolian Shepard.  The Anatolian is a Turkish breed of livestock guardian.  She lives with the sheep and keeps the herd safe from predators -- coyote, cougar, and crows!  (Crows aren't a predator but Lucy works hard to keep them away--I think they provoke her for fun!)  Lucy's innate protective traits have her herding the sheep away from potential threats, assisting with lambing by barking to alert us and helping lick the lambs clean, and guarding her human family from possible intruders.